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Darren has over 30-year experience in training Martial Arts. His main disciplines are Kung Fu, Tai Chi, Kick Boxing and Self Defence. He has been a Yoga and Qi Gong instructor for over 20 years. He also has completed 2nd level of Thai Massage Therapy, which is the highest level in Australia. He is working in rehabilitation, chronic illness treatment and with clients in prosthetics. 

Over many years of training and working in the fitness industry, he created a unique blend of martial art modalities combining them with an emphasis on harmony and flow. He also has a great understanding of nutrition for weight-loss and healing. Thanks to his knowledge, passion and experience he has gained a holistic approach to fitness, nutrition and movement. His biggest goal is to help people heal their body so they can perform at its best potential.

Darren teaches Boxing, Strength & Movement , Combat Conditioning  and Qi Gong .

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Maggie is the co-owner and driving force behind Qi Flow Studio. With over 15 years of experience in the fitness industry, she holds key qualifications in Pilates, Barre, Aerial Yoga Therapy, and HIIT Training. For more than 8 years, she was as a dedicated Personal Trainer, assisting individuals in achieving weight loss, enhancing performance, and attaining their fitness goals.

In her pivotal role as co-owner, Maggie ensures the smooth operation of Qi Flow Studio, extending support, advice, and care to every member. Her commitment to community well-being goes beyond fitness, as she actively contributes to creating a transformative environment. Maggie's leadership, coaching, and business ownership roles reflect her dedication to assisting others in their transformative journeys, emphasizing personal growth and balance in daily life.


Her passion lies in fostering a robust connection between the body and mind, focusing on correct body alignment, core control, and the practical integration of movement into daily life. As a mother of three, Maggie empathizes with the challenges women face post-pregnancy, drawing on personal experience and extensive training to help them regain strength and fitness.

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Anu is an IT professional with a passion for aerial yoga. With some of her favourite pastimes being running, trekking, gardening and aerial yoga, health and fitness have always been an essential part of Anu's lifestyle. Her love affair with aerial yoga started four years ago when she lived in Kuala Lumpur and decided to try what appeared to be an intriguing and artful form of exercise. Even though the first few days on the hammock were a struggle, she fell head over heels in love with it from day one (pun intended).  

With relentless practice over four years, came progress and the confidence to attend an aerial yoga teachers' training course in Brisbane. As an aerial yoga instructor, Anu strives to make aerial yoga a popular practice for all ages as it uplifts the mood and enhances self-esteem. She believes that the gentle support of the aerial hammock has given her flexibility a nudge in the right direction and helped her with learning certain poses and aerial tricks that would otherwise have been beyond her. Anu likes to add an element of fun and aerial play in her classes.

Anu teaches Aerial Flow.

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Dustin Eddy is more than a wellness practitioner; he's a dedicated martial artist and water skiing aficionado who has proudly represented Australia on two distinct occasions, securing top-ten finishes in both disciplines. With over fifteen years of martial arts experience under his black belt and five years of passionate teaching, Dustin embodies a profound commitment to personal growth and sharing the knowledge he has acquired.


In his holistic journey towards health and well-being, Dustin specializes in relaxation massage, hot stone therapy, myofascial cupping, and the healing art of Reiki. He firmly believes that these therapies are the cornerstone of a balanced and vibrant life, experiences that should be accessible and enjoyed by everyone. Dustin's dedication to physical and spiritual wellness makes him a valuable addition to our team at Qi Flow Studio.

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After Catalina completed her Bachelor's degree in Microbiology, she came to Australia to obtain post graduate studies in the field of biotechnology. The years of high stress and the demand of energy needed to fulfil her goals, it was then when she realised the need to learn tools and mechanisms to relax her mind and improve her overall state of being. The very first beginner’s yoga class back before yoga became such a fashionable trend changed her life! 

In 2006, she completed The Usui Reiki Method of Energy Renewal. Then in 2014, Catalina obtained her level 1, 200hr yoga certification with Being Yoga-Australia. Now, in her multiple roles, of mother of two beautiful boys, scientist and yogi, she appreciates even more the importance of keeping and maintaining a daily practice. Catalina is passionate about sharing the true essence of yoga as a healthy alternative towards the better functioning of our MIND-Body systems, translating into an overall improvement of Health and Wellbeing. Catalina loves to bring Restorative yoga to our studio!

Catalina teaches Restorative Yoga.


Diana has been in the fitness industry for over 6 years. She started with her qualification in Zumba Fitness & Zumba Step and was an instructor for many years. After completing her Certification in Fitness, she has now been a group fitness instructor for the past 3 years and loves bringing her high energy to her classes.

With previous experience in membership consulting within the fitness industry, and extensive knowledge and expertise in office administration and operations, she brings that to our studio with the daily operations ‘behind the scenes’ as well as coaching. She has always had a passion in health & wellness with a natural, holistic approach to her lifestyle and her family’s health. 

Diana teaches Cardio Pilates.



Flavio is an experienced clinical Myotherapist and his assessment and treatment focuses on functional impairments in muscle, fascia, nerve and joints. He uses a vast array of hands-on treatment techniques as he understands how chronic pain and biomechanical dysfunction are usually manifestations of poor movement patters.

His objective is assisting people to get back to their favourite sport or activities, no matter if they are an elite athlete or weekend warrior. After several advanced professional development courses, Flavio’s goals are to give you the tools to be able to move better and live the life you want without pain. With all his extensive knowledge and expertise, he is able to bring you expert strength and movement classes.

Flavio teaches Strength & Movement.


Kassie is a Physiotherapist with over 35 years of experience in training safe, effective movement. She also has additional qualifications in Mat Pilates Instruction, Equipment Pilates Instruction, Yoga and Kinetic Link Training. It is her passion for good posture and biomechanics and her vast experience in functional conditioning that distinguishes her as a trainer. 

She has delivered Pilates classes in schools, health practices, workplaces, gyms and community halls, bringing her diverse experience to the full spectrum of our community. Underlying this is her drive to help people realise their full, meaningful life. So, whether you come for the joy of movement, some mindful time for self or because you want the strength and control to take on the challenges and passions of your life, you’ll find a place in her classes.

Kassie teaches Pilates.



Maddy, is an experienced personal trainer and group fitness instructor. After being a gymnast at an elite level has gained knowledge in body movement and function. She has a passion for how the body moves and helping people get stronger. She will help you gain confidence in the gym, build muscle, and reach your goals in health and fitness. With social media and news complicating health and fitness she wants to help people gain knowledge that is simple and easy. 

She makes everyone feel comfortable in their own body, working out to their potential. She wants all our members to feel the amazing benefits of consistently exercising. Her expertise is in strength training, muscle building/hypertrophy, fat loss, body re-composition, form and technique assessment, mindset and recovery practices & nutrition guidance

Maddy teaches Strength & Movement.


Jo is an accredited exercise scientist with over 20 years’ experience instructing group classes and has worked in rehabilitation, aged care, and with specific health conditions.

Jo enjoys making group exercise classes, especially Pilates and yoga, accessible to everyone. Jo's passion is to help people connect to breath and build body awareness with a focus on alignment with flow. 

Jo teaches Pilates.



Dane is a certified Breathwork Instructor and Exercise & Wellness Coach. He was born in New Zealand but live in sunny Brisbane and his soul’s purpose is helping others become the best version of themselves. He is also a proud husband, father and nature lover. 

He’s big believer that the best project you will ever work on is YOU and believes the body benefits from movement and the mind benefits from stillness which is why he’s so dedicated to whole body wellness for the mind, body and soul. Everyone has a warrior within them waiting to be unleashed. His mission is to empower others find that inner warrior in a holistic and supportive way.

Dane teaches Boxing.

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I’m Candace; a certificated Yoga Instructor and a keen meditator. I love sharing all the aspects that the yoga system has to offer - the ease and strength of movement from the poses, freedom from stress with full body relaxation and the inner calm and clarity that the practice of meditation naturally brings.

In the past 20 years I have taught classes in many contexts, including yoga studios, corporate settings, festivals and have coordinated many community based charity events. I have a deep appreciation of the potential that this wonderful lifestyle can have on one’s body, mind and heart to make profound changes to how a person feels physically, mentally and spiritually, and from this place I feel very inspired to share these practices with others. See you on the mat! 



Julie is London born. She started teaching aerobics in the UK at just 16 years old. She won gold medals in Judo. Although once working as a dental nurse, she has a fear of needles.

Julie has been teaching Pilates for 3 years but practicing Pilates for about 5 years. She teaches classic Pilates style, as she is Studio Pilates trained, ensuring technique and accuracy in each move with the occasional fun move!

Julie teaches Pilates.


Keira had her first taste of aerial yoga when Qi Flow Studio opened and she was instantly obsessed. Since then, she has completed her teacher training and fallen even more in love with flying. Her background is nursing and she adores how therapeutic aerial yoga is for both the body and the mind. Each class brings challenges, mindfulness and renews the spirit. It's a magical apparatus that can accommodate any fitness level and has endless possibilities. Come fly with her!

Keira teaches Aerial flow.


Sarah is a registered nurse and psychology student, and began teaching Hatha Yoga in 2021. She continues to study different forms of yoga, movement, and medicine, and is passionate about a holistic treatment of mental and physical well-being. Her deepest desire is for everyone to feel at home and safe in their bodies.

Sarah’s yoga classes will bring your awareness into the present moment and cultivate a connection to your body, mind, and spirit through your breath. During the yoga practice you’ll be invited to move in a way which feels good in your body, and set aside any effort to ‘accomplish’ a particular yoga pose. 

Her Yoga Flow class is a medium-paced Hatha Vinyasa class built on seated and standing yoga postures. This one-hour sequence will build up a sweat, improve your strength and flexibility, and cultivate a sense of calm to your breath and mind. This class includes dhyāna (meditation), pranayama (breathwork), and sound healing. All bodies and all levels are welcome!

Sarah teaches Yoga.


Simon is the 13th generation descendant of Chen Style Tai Chi, discipline of Master Zhang Dongwu, the founder and Head Coach of Hong Kong Chen Style Academy.

Simon teaches Chen Style Tai Chi.


Tayla has a background in dance & is currently teaching our barre classes. 

From a young age she has loved learning new ways to move and challenge her body. 

It is the feeling of empowerment you receive after completing a challenging workout &

seeing improvement after putting in the work, that made Tayla want to be a coach. 

She is a 1-on-1 coach & group trainer, with a holistic approach to fitness.

Believing that movement is medicine, it can aid in longevity & injury prevention.


Tayla teaches Combat Conditioning, Barre Flow and Strength & Movement. 


Jess has 16 years’ experience in the Health and Wellness industry. She has been massaging since 2007 and teaching yoga since 2010.

She holds qualifications in Cert IV in massage, Hot stones, Diploma of remedial massage, Reiki practitioner, Level 1 yoga, Restorative yoga, Trauma aware yoga and is currently studying cert 3 in Allied Health Assistant specialising in Physiotherapy.

She is passionate about creating a supportive and safe environment for people’s bodies and minds. She loves teaching people tools and techniques that can help to assist them during daily life and also during major life challenges.

Jess draws on a variety of techniques including mindfulness, somatic practices, some elements of trauma aware yoga, pranayama and Yoga Nidra within her Restorative classes to support the body and calm the nervous system.

Jess’s classes are perfect for anyone wanting to relax, rest, reduce stress or working with PTSD, trauma, nervous system deregulation, anxiety, depression, chronic illness and injuries.

Jess teaches Restorative Yoga.


The passion for healthy, quality life has sparked me up straight after I have graduated university. Since then - I have written and published a motivational book about fitness and healthy lifestyle, started an online fitness project, created hundreds of workout videos, gathered public for educational fitness events and helped numbers of people to improve their mental and physical-wellbeing.

Some facts about myself:

  • I am an ex bikini fitness competitor and won my PRO cards with two different federations in the United Kingdom.

  • One morning I left for a run and... eventually completed a marathon in 3h 58min. 

  • I love challenges - whether this might be push-ups or a Ninja Warrior (I have made it to auditions in the UK).

  • I have attended Queen's Elizabeth's garden party in Buckingham Palace!

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