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Essentials is a 50hr instructor training that is comprised of preliminary 10hr online theoretical training followed by a four-day intensive practical training (delivered live and live-streamed). Students have access to their online theory platform from the day of enrollment and purchase of the course, which is great for those who wish to take their time through the theory.

This course is designed to equip instructors with comprehensive instructional, theoretical and practical knowledge to be competent and confident in
delivering effective group aerial classes.

  • Discover the history and evolution of the aerial technique

  • Implement the principles of efficient movement in the aerial yoga hammock technique

  •  Understand professional instructor responsibilities and ethics

  • Deliver safe facilitation in over 60 aerial hammock exercises

  • Apply a progressive framework for aerial exercise instruction


Advanced Aerial Instructor Training provides you with a preliminary 20hrs of online theory and a three-day practical training intensive (live or live-streamed) to assist you in becoming a diverse Aerial Instructor able to cater to all levels, and bring creativity to life in the air!

Explore applied biomechanics and training principles

  • Lead advanced aerial conditioning classes with over 60 new complex aerial exercise variations

  • Program safe multi-level group classes that will bring joy and satisfaction to all participants

  • Learn how you can add musicality and Aerial Dance choreography to elevate the creative experience

  • Learn the keys to building a personal brand and making your Aerial Yoga business a great success!

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