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Qi Flow Studio is the only place in Australia that offers a mixture of mind, body and martial art classes to fit anyone at any time and any age. 


This unique combination of different types of classes provides discipline, strong physical background and empowerment to redesign your body, mind and lifestyle.  


Our lives are constantly changing and, through the variety of training, we would like to help you embrace those changes in the most convenient way.


We offer over 30 sessions a week with 10 different types of training. Our experienced instructors are here to help you reach your potential, discover your own state of Flow and become the best version of YOU. 



Maggie and Darren created Qi Flow Studio following their long-lived dream, a place where the body and mind work together and nutrition is a key component of healing.   


Their path crossed together 10 years ago at the local gym. They found an instant connection due to the similar approach to training and understanding how the human body works. Their friendship grew stronger and together they have created a vision of a place where all their knowledge, experience and passion for helping people come together. After many years of planning, developing the philosophy and creating movement their vision has finally become true under one name: Qi Flow Studio. 


Joined together with over 45 years of experience, knowledge and enthusiasm, Maggie and Darren brought to life the unique Qi Flow Studio - your retreat from your daily life, where you will find your balance and flow.

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