Darren has over 30 years of experience in training Martial Arts. His main disciplines are Kung Fu, Tai Chi, Kick Boxing, and Self Defense. He has been a Yoga and Qi Gong instructor for over 20 years. 

Darren also completed the 2nd level of Thai Massage Therapy, which is the highest level in Australia. 


He is working in rehabilitation, chronic illness treatment and with clients with prosthetics. 

Over many years of training and working in the fitness industry, Darren has created a unique blend of martial art modalities, combining them with an emphasis on harmony and flow. 


Darren also has a great understanding of nutrition for weight loss and healing. 

Thanks to his knowledge, passion and experience, he has gained a holistic approach to fitness, nutrition and movement. His biggest goal is to help people heal their body so they can perform to their highest potential. 



Maggie has over 15 years of experience in the fitness industry. Her main qualifications are in Pilates, Barre, Aerial Yoga Therapy, and HIIT Training. She has been also a Personal Trainer for over 8 years helping people to lose weight, perform better, and reach their goals. 

Maggie is passionate about building a strong connection between body and mind. She is putting the main emphasis on the correct body alignment, core control and the use of movement as a skill in our daily life. 

Being a mum of three, she has helped many women get back on track after pregnancy. 

Her knowledge about the female body comes from many years of training, personal experience, and passion for helping women get stronger and fitter. 

She is an enthusiastic, positive, and highly qualified group fitness instructor who will push you to reach your limits, get further than you think you can get, and make you come back for more. 



Anne has been a qualified Yoga teacher for over 4 years. She has completed her training at Byron Yoga Centre. She specializes in Yin Yoga and Gentle Vinyasa. 

Apart from teaching Yoga, she is a passionate fitness person who has been active all her life. 

Anne’s goal as a Yin Yoga instructor is to show everyone that physicality is a practice to generate the calmness of the mind.  During Ann’s class, her soft voice and gentle, caring personality will help you forget all your worries, let go of all your fears, and stay in the present moment. 

Anne is a great asset to our Qi Flow Studio Team. 

Joga na plaży
Kung Fu Nunchaku


Simon Leung is dedicated to spreading and promoting Chen Style Taichi in Hong Kong and Australia. He is the 13th generation descendant of Chen Style Tai Chi, and a Disciple of Master Zhang Dongwu.

Simon teaches Chen Style Taichi since 2004. He is the Founder and Head Coach of Hong Kong Chen Style Taichi Academy. Simon is also a certified Krav Maga Civilian Self Defense Instructor of the International Krav Maga Federation.

Simon offers private classes for children, adults and seniors from beginning to advanced levels, including empty-handed and weapon forms, in Brisbane.

He also travels regularly to Hong Kong and China to host Taichi camps and seminars.

Simon teaches at Qi Flow Studio Chen Style TaiChi classes.





Josie is dedicated to sharing the amazing benefits of meditation with as many people as possible! As a teacher and a student, her passion for spiritual practice is palpable. 

Josie works with a creative and embodied, heart-centred focus which encourages radical self-acceptance and embraces our shared humanity. Her teaching style guides you to lean into your instincts, harness your personal wisdom and connect with nature on a deeper level to awaken your creativity, joy and passion.


Josie is known for her humour, vivacious inner child and her profound understanding of the human condition. Learn more about her at infinitebynature.net or follow her on @infinitebynature11 on social media.



Claudine Capel is a clinical hypnotherapist with training in Gestalt Psychotherapy and the DeTrauma Technique ™. She works in a client-centred way helping people move through their emotions and come to their own insights, in order to find a vibration of peace from which they can manifest a life they love.With a background in journalism, Claudine is passionate about researching and trying different wellness modalities and brings her broad spectrum of knowledge into her work. Claudine offers one on one hypnotherapy sessions at Qi Flow or via Zoom, as well as personalised meditation tracks which help clients imprint their new ideas and plans into their subconscious mind. Once the mind is on board, miracles become possible.Knowing that our thoughts, beliefs and emotions create our reality, Claudine is passionate about helping people become unstuck from patterns that do not serve and create new ones that propel people towards their dreams.

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